How a Construction Company in Orange County Avoids Termites

How a Construction Company in Orange County Avoids Termites

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Every owner of a construction company in Orange County ensures that termites are avoided before during and after a project. How do they do it? Let’s find out.

Where Termites Reside on a Construction Site?

In most cases, termites reside in areas where there is a lot of dampness and moisture. They are also present in sewage pipes and water supply systems. They also live in decaying wood surfaces.

How are Termites Controlled in the Pre-Construction Stage?

Chemical treatment is used to control termites in the pre-construction stages by a construction company in Orange County. Firstly, the soil must be treated before adding any slabs so that it forms a barrier between masonry and ground slab. To do this treatment, the subsequent steps should be followed:

  • The sides and bottom of excavation need to be treated with chemicals before the foundation work begins.
  • In the area where slabs on grade need to be built, holes are made in the earth and filled with chemical products. Chemicals are added where floors and walls intersect.
  • The entire perimeter of the site is covered by making holes filled with chemicals.
  • The future of pipes is secured by filling the pipe beddings with chemicals.
  • Special chemicals are added to buildings where wood products are to be placed.

How are Termites Controlled in the Post Construction Stage?

In cases where a chemical treatment is not done by a construction company in Orange County during the pre-construction stages, there is a need to catch up by measuring the extent of the damage, and then the subsequent steps should be followed.

  • Holes are made around the site and filled with chemicals to create a barrier around the house.
  • Walls and floors are treated by drilling holes and filling them with chemicals
  • Special chemicals are applied on all areas where wood would meet the ground or walls
  • The voids in masonry are treated with anti-termite treatment.
  • Wood products that are highly impacted by termites are replaced to control further spread.
  • Wood products or furniture that have high impact and presence of termites, beyond any limit of reparation are changed or replaced.

Preventing Termites During All Stages

To prevent termites during all stages, the subsequent steps are followed by a construction company in Orange County.

  • Gutters and drains are kept clean to avoid leakage
  • It is ensured that there are no broken pipes
  • Areas that have high humidity are kept cleaned regularly
  • Chemicals are put immediately in areas where termites are detected
  • All junctions and voids are filled
  • Wood contact with the ground is avoided
  • Wood products that have moisture are removed
  • It is ensured that wooden pieces are not put in the ground for any use

Now if you are looking for a construction company in Orange County that avoid termites at all stages by following the steps above then you, can trust CRM Constructions Inc., a company that keeps the site perfect before during and after every project!  

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