Going for Office Remodelling: These 6 Lighting Tips Will Help

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Are you going to try office remodelling in Orange County anytime soon? Did you give much thought to lighting? Or were you just bothered about adding any efficient lights? If latter is the case, then you should try the following lighting tips that will ensure your office lights dazzle everyone whenever they walk in.

Get Rid of Fluorescent Lights

Though these lights are available in every office space, only a few people realize that constant exposure to them can lead to migraines. So, you should avoid them as much as possible. In case you can’t get rid of them as the process if too time-consuming or costly then you should keep them turned off for long periods of time for the sake of your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Make Cubicles More Full of Light

If most of your employees work out of cubicles, then they might not have access to enough light. To improve this situation, you can add lights that clip on the side of the desk and give them the freedom to decide when they want to turn it on and when they want to turn them off.

Go for an LED Strip

In case any of your employees work on a monitor, and they often complain about how tired their eyes are, it might be due to insufficient lighting or wrong placement of lights. To make those employees more comfortable, you can add an LED strip behind and above the monitor as a part of your office remodeling in Orange County project.

Invest Wisely

If you want to increase the presence of natural light in your office, you should know that adding large glass windows is not the only solution. You should also consider adding daylight harvesting systems like these will ensure that artificial light is automatically dimmed according to the level of the natural light present.

Light According to the Area Usefulness

What many people fail to realize while lighting their office space is that different parts of an office have different lighting requirements. For instance, oversized pendant lights are perfect for meetings and get-togethers while spotlights are perfect for lighting corridors. Similarly, low lighting in small nooks or booths can indicate privacy while breakout areas should have different colored light options.

Better Control

If you want your employees to feel more in control regarding the lights, you should add flexible features like standing lamps, dimmer switches, and tabletop lamps. These small changes will let your staff decide whether they want to work, meet, eat or relax in those areas.

Are you impressed and want to implement these ideas as a part of office remodelling in Orange County? Or are you looking for more ideas? No matter what your requirement is, CRM Constructions Inc. would meet it flawlessly. We will ensure that you get an office of your dreams by handling your project with perfection and completing it within the deadlines you specify!

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