How to Measure Performance of Contractors, Orange County

How to Measure Performance of Contractors, Orange County

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Hiring a good one among contractors, Orange County can be a difficult task. But once you have chosen the right one, the journey doesn’t end there. As almost every contractor would claim to be the best, you need to judge their performance constantly to ensure that they really are the best. Here are some parameters that you can use on your own.


  • Accidents


The first thing you need to check is whether the one you have hired among contractors, Orange County is responsible or not. You should keep an eye on the health and safety precautions undertaken by the contractor and record any and all accidents or probability of accidents. It will let you know whether the job site is safe or not.


  • Defects


When looking to measure the performance of Contractors, Orange County, you also need to ensure that there are no defects or wrong structures at the site. You must visit the site regularly to see that there is not much deviation from the original agreed plan of action and no mistakes are being made. For instance, use of cheap or low-quality materials.

  • Time

Though every project has a deadline, all contractors, Orange County do not abide by it. So, you should keep visiting the site to see whether the project milestones are being met or whether there are constant delays. You also need to ensure that the labor output is good enough and the overtime costs are minimal because at the end of the day, you need to pay those.


  • Cost


The project should also be completed according to the cost estimates agreed upon before the starting of the project. If the costs are inflating by the minute, it might be a smart idea to ask the contractor to pay up additional costs or at least a portion of it from its profit. This can also be added as a clause in the contract before kicking off the project.


  • Downtime


When you find the right people to do the project, you will realize that the downtime is kept to minimal and there are no delays due to it. The downtime should always be planned in the non-working hours like nighttime because downtime during the day can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.


  • ROI


The contractors, Orange County you have hired should also be able to provide you with a good ROI. For instance, if you have opted for a tenant improvement project, the money you spent on the project should come back to you in form of rent within a few months or years.


  • Reporting


You should also be given access to regular reports with regard to the progress of the project. This will make your job easier as you will not need to visit the site too often. The report should also include visuals of the site to prove that the claims made in the report are correct. For instance, if the report is claiming that the lighting work is complete, you should get the pictures of the newly lit area.


  • Overall Satisfaction


Finally, you can measure the performance of the contractors, Orange County on the basis of the overall satisfaction garnered from the project. If the outcome is exactly what you had visualized then the project is a success. Similarly, if the project is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner, it is a success as well.

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