Industrial Plant Modifications vs. Plant Maintenance

Industrial Plant Modifications vs. Plant Maintenance

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Industrial Plant Modifications vs. Plant Maintenance

Industrial plant modifications and industrial plant maintenance are two very different things that are often considered the same by some people. Here you can know the key difference between these two processes which will allow you to judge what do you need most, modifications or maintenance.

The Basic Difference

The basic difference between industrial plant modifications and maintenance is the definition of these two. In simple words, industrial plant modifications are changes needed to make an industrial plant work more efficiently and profitably. The examples of this include everything from adding a new floor to making a special room for new equipment. In contrast, industrial maintenance means taking care of the existing structure of an industrial plant and the machinery used in it so that the downtime could be as low as possible.


In most cases, industrial plant modifications would be costlier than the plant maintenance as the number of people involved in the former and the work scope is usually larger than the latter.


In most cases, when initiating an industrial plant modifications project, you will need to hire external resources and experts who will need to be paid separately while during the maintenance tasks, your existing staff might handle everything.

Loss of Production

When you opt for industrial plant modifications, you expect a loss of production as the plant or some sections of it need to remain non-operational for the project to be successful which hampers your productivity. In contrast, if plant maintenance is done from time to time, it will ensure that the downtime is minimal and the production doesn’t suffer at all.


During any stage of plant maintenance, the process of replacing a machine or equipment is considered as a failure of the maintenance team, but during industrial plant modifications, such changes are expected and even encouraged.


Industrial plant modifications are rarer than the maintenance activities, and it should be like that if you want your plant to be productive and generate profits. Regular preventive maintenance ensures that you don’t need to halt production due to break down.

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