International Women’s Day 2018 Special: How to Increase Women Participation in Construction

International Women’s Day 2018 Special: How to Increase Women Participation in Construction

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Did you know that women are underrepresented in construction services sector? Yes, it’s true. As of December 31, 2016, there were 10,328,000 total workers in construction industry out of which 9,389,000 were men and approximately 939,000 were women. Women make up just 9.1 percent of the construction industry in the United States of America.

How Can We Improve the Situation?

This situation can be improved by opting for the following methods:

  • Women Leaders Must be Encouraged
  • Women should get a chance to lead in the construction services sector. From small projects to companies, they should be allowed to lead it all.

  • Women Must be Hired Initially
  • Women workers should be hired straight from the high school or college to ensure that they get a thorough exposure to the industry and become veterans within a few years.

  • Women Must Get an Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Men have an edge over women as far as the pay packages in the construction services industry are concerned. This situation can be rectified by offering equal pay for equal work.

  • Women Must Get Better Safety Gear
  • Many women suffer from construction-related health hazards such as hearing loss, breathing problems, and skin diseases. This should be rectified by offering appropriate safety gear and proper training.

  • Women Must Be Considered as an Equal
  • Women should not get just sales or administrative roles in the construction industry. They should be made a part of the construction crew and should be considered physically capable of doing on-site work.

    How Can Women Improve their Representation in Construction Services Sector?

    Women have the power to improve their representation in construction services sector. It can be done by trying the following options.

  • Women Must be Flexible
  • Women should have an open mind and should be eager to take on any work rather than being choosy about it.

  • Women Must be Ready for Hard Work
  • Women should be physically and mentally prepared to do hard work on and off site. They should not expect men to lend a hand continually.

  • Women Must Prove their Worth
  • Women should be eager to prove their worth and get as many results as men if they want the same levels of compensation, appreciation, and respect.

  • Women Might Want to Find Mentors
  • Women might want to find a mentor to guide them and enhance their knowledge of the construction services sector.

  • Women Must Keep Up

The world of construction is changing rapidly. From using drones for roofing inspections to project management apps, technology and innovation are bringing the change. Women should train themselves to not only deal with but also lead the change.

Wrap Up

There is a need to promote women in the construction sector and people can learn from the worthy real-life examples like  CRM Constructions Inc. is led by Terry Tracy, a woman who wanted change and led it. If we all change our mindset, women will get the exposure they deserve in the construction services sector soon enough.


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