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Construction Company in Orange County Shares Common HVAC Scams

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HVAC scams have become a common occurrence now and many people are unaware of how to spot a scam. The owner of a construction company in Orange County, CRM Constructions Inc., Terry Tracy recently shed light on the most common HVAC scams to make people aware of the same and prevent such scams.

Sharing that the first scam is to make a user believe that something needs to be replaced, Tracy said “The most common scam is to tell you that your HVAC system is faulty and you get to need it replaced or repaired. You can prevent from this scam by not taking the HVAC expert on his or her word and doing your own research to know whether your system is actually bad or not. You can take help of the internet to know about common faults in a system.”

Explaining that big is not always the best, owner of a construction company in Orange County. Tracy said “There are many scammers out there who will push the biggest HVAC unit. You shouldn’t trust them and remember that the cost of maintaining & installing an oversized unit would be higher. To avoid getting scammed this way, ask for the formula they use to calculate how much big a system should be or get a second opinion on the matter.”

Elaborating the third type of scam, the replacement scam Tracy said “Many so-called experts will claim that they have replaced a part of your HVAC system and ask several dollars for the same. You can prevent such a scam by telling the expert in the beginning that you will only pay for those parts which are changed in front of you and you are given the faulty part that has been extracted as a proof of replacement.”

Describing the fourth scam, the misuse of a brand name, owner of a construction company in Orange County, Tracy said “Some HVAC experts visit your home and say that they are from XXX company and they were just in the area so you might as well get your system checked. You should never trust these scammers as they usually don’t belong to any reputed companies. The key to spotting such scammers is to ask for identification and check for company’s logo on their vehicle or tool bags.

Enlightening people on another scam, overpricing, Tracy said “Some experts also overcharge you for any part or service that you have availed. The only way to prevent such scam is to check the prices online before you pay anything. Do remember to check the prices before availing the service or using a part.”

Defining the used parts scams, owner of a construction company in Orange County, Tracy said “Many HVAC experts often point out that you have a bad part like a bad compressor and they luckily have a spare compressor in their vehicle. Don’t agree to use that available part to save time or money as the chances are high that it would be faulty. Always buy labeled and new products.”

Identifying another scam, the need for frequent tune ups Tracy said “If an HVAC expert needs to check your system after every few days and finds a new fault every time then it’s time to change the service provider. It is always wiser to get a thorough service done rather than opting for many cheap services that may end up costing you more money.”

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