Team CRM Founder Explains How to Remain within Budget for Your Next Office Remodeling in Orange County Project

Team CRM Founder Explains How to Remain within Budget for Your Next Office Remodeling in Orange County Project

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Stats say that home and office remodeling has increased considerably in the last few years. For people who wish to opt for office remodeling in Orange County, the construction expert and the founder of Team CRM, Terry Tracy has shared some tips. These tips will help people to remain within a well-defined budget for the project and get it done within the specified costs.

Tracy’s first advice is to give some serious consideration to the flooring costs. She said “Flooring is an essential element for every office remodeling in Orange County project because you must ensure that the flooring is comfortable to walk on by you, your staff, your customers and every other stakeholder. The cost of flooring would depend on the type of flooring you select. If you have a tight budget then you should replace the flooring of most used areas only, such as the passages, stairs, and doorways.”

To help people who prefer to add paintings and wall art to an office space, Tracy said “It is a good idea to add wall art to your space as it creates a dramatic look and adds personality. In case the wall art you like is beyond the budget you have, you can use different types of wall design and paints to save the costs associated with wallpapers.”

Tracy also had an opinion regarding lighting. She stated “You should know that the comfort and productivity of your employees and clients depends a lot on the lighting. If the space is too bright or too dim, it would lead to discomfort. To save power bills on the lighting you should opt for energy efficient options like LED. Do remember to add small chandeliers and wall lamps in the meeting rooms as they add royalty and confidence.”

Windows are an essential element of every office remodeling in Orange County project so Tracy also shared her opinion on window additions by saying “You must remember that replacing the windows is only worth the money and effort if you make them more functional by opting for energy efficient options. The best options out there are the tinted energy efficient windows that reflect the harmful UV lights and allow healthy sunlight to enter the space. This sunlight would negate the need to use more artificial lights and people will prefer the glow of it too, especially during winters. Yes, I agree that they may seem expensive in the beginning but they are well worth the money you pay.”

Speaking about décor, Tracy said “You only have the power to decide how much you want to spend on décor items. I suggest that you begin with adding appropriate furnishings and only a few décor pieces that aren’t too expensive. You can always add on décor items when your business is generating good revenues.”

The last bit of advice shared by Tracy is to count the unexpected costs. She said, “You must consider the add-on costs such as storage unit rent, taxes, utility bills, food bills, etc. when preparing your budget so that these expenses don’t surprise you when you are getting an Office Remodeling in Orange County project done.”

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