Using Drones for Roofing Inspections: An Unmissable Trend

Using Drones for Roofing Inspections: An Unmissable Trend

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Technology is literally taking over every aspect of our lives and as expected, the construction services industry is not untouched by it. One of the new trends in the construction industry is the increased use of drones to inspect or survey roofing. Here you can know all about this fascinating trend and its valuable benefits.

UAV Technology

Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years especially due to the speed at which this technology is evolving. This innovation is primarily led by giant leaps in smartphone technology and its rapidly increasing convergence with mobile devices.

Most UAVs have a mobile user interface and software development experts have made great forays into the UAV market by opting for this route. This provides a lot of scopes to disrupt several established industries that include construction services and roofing in particular.

The Roofing Industry

The roofing industry has been around for ages. Its evolvement can be traced to the time since humans lived in cages and then started to build houses. Due to the ever-present scope of human mistakes, like mistakes in measurements or judgment errors, this industry has seen many challenges. One of the technologies that are positively impacting the roofing industry is the presence of drones that help in not only highlighting but correcting human errors in a timely manner.

Key Benefit

Using a drone to access roofing is a sure shot way of ensuring a decrease in a number of human errors, project delays, injuries and even death of laborers. With just a click of a button, you can get perfectly detailed automated reports in which minute margin for error in accuracy is quite evident.

Some More Benefits

The other benefits of using drones for roofing inspections and survey are:

  • No need for scaffolding which saves a lot of time and money.
  • The instances of injuries and deaths (due to poor roofing) reduce considerably.
  • The probability of things falling off the roof on someone’s head would reduce.
  • Inspections can be performed quickly and efficiently.
  • The accuracy of inspections can be up to 99 percent.
  • The data of reports is up to the minute which ensures its relevance.
  • Roofing issues and problems can be detected and resolved before they cost more time, money or resources.
  • Reports can be generated as often as the project manager wants which ensures timely completion of projects in a perfect manner.

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