Life Sciences Lab Construction or Remodels

Life sciences labs are the commercial construction of the future. At CRM Construction, Inc., we are focused on building complex labs and clean rooms to provide life sciences and innovative biotech.

We have continued our expansion into various industries, but creating a suitable facility for life science labs is an area we truly pride ourselves in.

The commercial construction of clean rooms, vivariums, research facilities, and specialized laboratories requires a unique knowledge base and skill set that CRM Construction, Inc. has acquired over our extensive years of experience.

Demands of Converting Life Sciences Labs

Whether you are looking to convert existing commercial space or create new build construction of life science labs, the experts at CRM Construction, Inc. are here for you.

Understanding the demands of converting life sciences labs is just one of the factors that set us apart from the others. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to convert your existing space.


Temperature control is especially critical in life science labs. Often, it’s not just a matter of maintaining temperature for a project, but also safety reasons.

Your roof structure and exterior walls will always need to be insulated. Dual-pane glazing might be an option that poses a high cost but could be essential to your remodel.

Roof Condition and Capacity

Much like any commercial building, the condition of the existing roof plays a huge role. Considering HVAC systems are typically housed in the roof, you need to make sure that the airtightness of your building is in line with your life science lab requirements.

Don’t forget about city zoning and overlays that may challenge height reinforcement decisions while working on your planning process.

Space Planning

Although it is not impossible to reconfigure column spacing, the most ideal for life science labs is 22 feet, 33 feet, etc. Since more lab bays are designed on 11-foot modules, these 11-feet increments work best.

Having an idea of what type of column spacing you have in your existing building helps give you a better idea of what kind of commercial construction demands you may have for your project.

Floor-to-Floor Height

The ideal floor-to-floor height for life sciences labs is between 16 and 17 feet. These heights work well in this commercial construction because they allow wiring, plumbing lines, and duct lines to be carefully hidden behind dropped ceilings.

Ensuring the sterile environment of clean rooms is essential in these labs. The preservation of cleanliness and the safety factors are crucial when constructing for life sciences.

Building Infrastructure

You’ll need to assess your current water, power, and sewer infrastructure. Since life science labs require an increased water supply, primary electrical service, and backup generation, this is an essential aspect of analyzing your ability to remodel existing space.

A primary focus is on the emergency backup generation of power, as it is almost always required in life science labs. Know that if you do not currently have this capacity on-site, it will be an addition you will likely need to account for.

Shipping and Loading Zones

Commercial building shipping and loading zones vary significantly from those of life science labs. Loading docks are typically an essential element of these projects, which require careful planning.

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